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SurveyLogix Features

  • over a dozen question types
  • jump & skip logic
  • customizable styles
  • survey & question templates
  • website, link or email distribution
  • detailed reporting options
  • associative data-mining
  • pre-defined responded data
  • XML survey export
  • client management options

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Sparklit Survey Logix

What is SurveyLogix?

SurveyLogix is a powerful and easy-to-use hosted web survey creation software that allows you to fully customize your content, style and process. Surveys may be distributed via website integration, links or email.

Comprehensive Features

Over a dozen question types (including multiple choice, multi-answer, rating scales open ended, and much more...), complete control over both survey & question templates, and access to jump and skip logic operations make SurveyLogix an effective web survey solution.

Detailed Reporting

Reporting options include simple survey results summaries, cross-tabulated questions, conditional report generation, individual answers and associative data-mining. Raw data is also optionally available for download.

Additional Services

Sparklit offers some additional custom services for your SurveyLogix, including survey setup and preparation, site integration, power point presentations, custom report templates, associative datamining and raw result data.

SurveyLogix Interview
A solution for large-scale web surveys that can be conducted in a variety of formats. Provides support for multiple administrator and interviewer accounts, with a simple data-entry system to accelerate your survey process.

SurveyLogix Dedicated Appliance
An actual server appliance that can be purchased and installed in any facility. Survey Logix Appliance integrates hardware and web survey software to create a plug-and-play solution that takes minutes to install and can be maintained easily by one administrator.

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